AMEROPA is a chamber music festival in Prague, Czech Republic

in chinese here 音乐节

Vadim Mazo and his friends founded Ameropa in 1993 in Prague, Czech Republic. From the very beginning, it creates an environment where musicians from different countries, cultures, and ages work together, learn from each other, and co-interpret chamber music performances. Professionals, students, and music lovers discover cultural differences; enrich yourself with new knowledge and information in a stimulating atmosphere. Ameropa collaborates with a large number of professional music professionals who can teach all the instruments used in chamber music.

Every year, about 50-100 participants and 20-30 faculties come to Prague. The repertoire presented at AMEROPA concerts consists of approximately 60 to 80 pieces of chamber music that are studied and performed by student (or student + faculty) ensembles, and about 20 pieces presented by faculty groups. This extensive musical experience allows you to have a good understanding of chamber music in many countries. Rehearsals are conducted by highly professional teachers and chamber performers. International musical cooperation establishes new friendships, establishes musical and social connections between different ages, different levels of musical education, professionals and “music lovers”, people of different nationalities and even from different continents. AMEROPA has faculties from the USA, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Germany, Taiwan, China, Holland, Japan.