I’ve noticed that a lot of well-known string performers give up their career over the years. I can understand them: at the least, it is difficult to stand on your feet for almost two hours during the concert and endure a lot of tension… But I am unstoppable – I HAVEN’T PLAYED ENOUGH! I HAVEN’T HAD ENOUGH OF CONDUCTING! Still, I don’t have enough time to implement all my ideas and projects…! Maybe it’s because during the years of lecturing at the University, I devoted more energy to teaching, rather than playing, I was limited in conducting… And now there is such an urge to devote time to Music, to play two instruments myself, to arrange ensembles, and of course – to conduct them! What an incredible satisfaction and aMUSEment it is to create!! Bearing that in mind and not only that, I performed the program of the “Duo Concertante” concert in Shanghai on September 18, where the pianist Olga Samosueva and I shared Music with everyone, including YOU! There will be more details about this soon… To sum up, WE will PLAY again!!! Your PLAYER, VM.

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