Anniversary in China!

They say, you can ‘turn 18 only once in a lifetime’!) And there’s nothing to mention about 75:)

I celebrated my anniversary away from home to the accompaniment of the New Ensemble, where I got back to conducting.

I am GLOBALLY grateful to you all. I found support in China from the people who are also devoted to Music as well as in other countries – this is the online support which I am very GRATEFUL for.

With the help of beauty, we can keep our spiritual bridges strong. We are ALL united by a common spirit and joy.

I was satisfied with the concert. This New String Ensemble with 11 participants is the result of three intense rehearsals! The participants showed their willingness to continue, which proves that we have achieved a real crescendo!

Once again, I am grateful to all my friends, to everyone who did not forget me and congratulated me. Yes, a slow, imperceptible transition to the fourth quarter of life has occurred. It’s a waltz to be followed by a new true-life music. Meanwhile I have only gratitude to express and a desire to go forward now!

Turned 18 …
Vadik Mazo)

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