Bridges, bridges, bridges…

I believe that’s impossible for us to cope without them in any way!
For example, the BRIDGE that we built between the AMEROPA International Music Festival in Prague, which has already turned 28 years old (!), and a very young AZIROPA festival in China, which we have held for the FIRST time.

In 2020, we had to cancel the festival in the Czech Republic. This year AMEROPA was held, but ONLY online. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the festival in Prague in person. And I thought that I could become a part of this festival in the place where I am now, and I could pass down this tradition to other people…

As a result, our festival in China – AZIROPA – was opened together with the AMEROPA online festival. The first concert was broadcast via the Internet channels, and later on, I found out that more than 5 thousand people were watching it in China!

AZIROPA in China was held with the same purpose as AMEROPA: to share knowledge with young musicians, improve their competence and impart the depth of classical music with the listeners. Cellists from Shanghai joined me, as well as Chinese students from different cities. Over a short period of time they “opened” their hearts, shared experience and hands…
During this “Week of BRIDGES” I delivered an online lecture, where I shared my thoughts about D. D. Shostakovich, and many other things that I am going to share with you…

We really believe that our creative Bridges have stirred a great interest in the festivals not only in the participants, but also in THOSE who are in need of spiritual support now, who need a breath of fresh air. Music has great power, we believe in it!

I also want to express my gratitude to my colleagues and friends from Prague : Mr. Jiri Havlik and Jon Daly for the fact that this year we were still able to bring joy to people with this Holiday of Music – At a Crescendo!

During a WEEK of intensive work, we managed to do more than we had expected! But the main outcomes can be concluded in the three MAIN points:

  1. The cello students invited from Shanghai received a short course on the basics of chamber music in a piano trio, and this was a very good attempt. The third-day performance proved that!
  2. The project “Returning to Bach”, where 5 students played parts from solo sonatas and partitas. They received a scope of knowledge on how to play in the Baroque style and even use a baroque bow!
  3. The final project “Duo Concertante”, duets and quartets for all violin students, who learnt to play in unison and received good basics for education.

What can be enhanced?

WE ARE ALL SATISFIED with the progress of the students and thank everyone for this wonderful atmosphere of studying chamber music and the PERSONAL GROWTH OF EVERYONE WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

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