About socialism, in which I was born and in which I am NOW!

Let me speak aside, make some philosophical digression and be bold in my assessments about various stuff.)) By the way, about socialism, in which I was born and in which I am NOW!

I am a quarter of a century and two months behind the Chinese Socialist Party (CSP) (it has recently turned 100 years old). I was born in socialism, in Minsk, at that time it was a part of the great country of the USSR. Then I experienced capitalism in the United States and quite vigorously spent a lot of years of my life there. Not so long ago, I witnessed the remnants of the Soviet socialism in my native Belarus. And here I am, in China, where socialism is flourishing, and I compare it with what was once my life. I’m trying to compare it objectively.

Indeed, modern Chinese socialism is really FLOURISHING, and huge opportunities have been established thanks to it. Indeed, here the whole society is an EXAMPLE of perseverance, consistency, unity, purposefulness in the self-development of the state. After all, China is a THIRD of the entire population of our PLANET.

“LEARN, STUDY AND LEARN!” is the idea of Marxism-Leninism which is familiar to all of us. Here, in China, it does not just exist, but has acquired a special meaning and is expanding to new levels and phases of development. That is why the country is developing so rapidly in technical, architectural, cultural terms and never ceases to amaze! Outstanding engineers and authors of scientific and creative breakthroughs are working here now, those, who received their education in the most prestigious universities of the world and have a special creative approach.

The vector and scale of study HERE are really impressive and can be found in every member of the society – from the youngest to oldest. I can notice that in my students and their families, how hard they study, how interested and drawn to the European musical culture they are. And, of course, I personally and morally support such persistent socialist development, where HUGE FUNDS AND EFFORTS are invested in education and in caring for everyone.

By the way, a couple of dates:
July 1 – the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party
July 3-Independence Day of Belarus
July 4-US Independence Day

The three countries where I have lived, where my soul have been living. And I REALLY believe that there will always be cultural bridges amongst them and this is OUR global future!

Friends, what impressed you personally or distantly online the most about China? Write back to me, I will be glad. I’m doing that not for “likes”, but to learn about your thoughts on that.


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