A String Quartet in China

Tell me, HOW TO KEEP UP WITH EVERYTHING?!?)) And not to burn-out??
I caught myself thinking that I didn’t have enough time for EVERYTHING I had planned! And there are still a lot of ideas!!! Sometimes in the evening I get so tired that I start to think about how old I really am?… Maybe we should start counting backward???)))

And yet here comes the MORNING again – so, move only forward!)))
For example, I have recently and ACCIDENTALLY (or not accidentally!?) decided to attempt to arrange a string quartet! In the city of Jinzhou, where I am living now in China.

How it went: I was a little bit helping Elena Larina, a talented local musician and teacher from Russia and Ukraine, in launching her school here, and performed at the opening, etc. And then I asked her if she knew any musicians just to play together. And Elena invited two young Chinese teachers.

We played TOGETHER, the four of us, and everyone liked it so much that we decided to continue!…

That was the INCEPTION, I hope, of a STRING QUARTET.
By the way, I am old enough to be if not grandfather, then to be father for them! But music can make you forget about your age, and sometimes for a long time….:)

That’s right! We are all enthusiasts. We are on the same wavelength and sail on the “wings of song…” Perhaps this is another brainchild – “BABY” – in my today’s life…

Well, maybe, when retired, you are supposed to do (almost) nothing but to relax?

What do you all think about it, friends?
“slopping-around” VM.

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