It is a new experience and CHALLENGE to work with children

What age is favourable for a child to start learning to play music? And when did Vadim Mazo start? Let’s talk a bit about it.

-In order to deal with music, you need to think. Music and Maths always go hand in hand. It has been well said by Einstein that “if I were to be somebody else than a scientist, I would be a musician”… In childhood, parents play a vital role in the development of analytical thinking. That is why they are directly involved in our education.

For me, this is a creative laboratory, where I work out new methods based on the existing ones gained over the years of working with students and professionals. How does it differ from children? Children strive to play FASTER, MORE MERRILY, BETTER! But they still need develop some physical abilities, which is important for playing musical instruments. I have only a few young students under the age of 10, I only work with those children who show promise for outstanding results, I am interested in participating in the disclosure of their talent.

One of my “YOUNG” students is a girl aged 7 who I have NEVER worked face-to-face with, only ONLINE!!! It is difficult to practise online in particular, as the sound can be delayed. I send the fragments to her, then together we analyze the intonation, the physics of bowing, even the smiles wherever that’s possible. The girl shows great promise. And now she has already achieved another level, she is doing well! I hope FOR a NON-VIRTUAL INTERACTION in the nearest future!

Another unusual NEW pedagogical experience is to teach two twin brothers aged 10! They are very cheerful and peculiar. They come from another city with their parents to me to study. We complement the INDIVIDUAL APPROACH by playing a duet, and this is the basis of Music-Making and Chamber Music, which will definitely come in handy in the future. A kind of RIVALRY is evolving in them… They call me Professor! They bring me goodies and take care of me. These children have become my family, or maybe I have become theirs?))) ROLL ON, TIME!

When I work with children, I experience an upsurge in creativity. I appreciate the desire of parents to invest something in their children so that they take interest in that for the rest of their entire FUTURE life. Parents are looking for a balance between school and cultural education. And this is VERY important.

I believe that music should be studied starting with an early age. If a child shows the ability to listen and hear and an urge to dance or sing can be spotted, then it should be detected and supported.

I remember myself as 4 or 5 years old boy when I first heard the violin. My mother was holding my hand at that moment. She noticed me starting to shiver. It was a real shock!.. My first encounter with the violin determined my fate… THAT IS WHAT I AM THANKFUL TO ALL PARENTS FOR!

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