“Two geniuses portrait” – sculpture of Beethoven and Shostakovich. The idea of Vadim Mazo

The author of this sculpture is a young and very talented Chinese master Wang Siyang, to whom Vadim Mazo turned with the idea of creating a sculpture. For Shostakovich, Beethoven was the ideal in chamber music. His influence can be heard in Beethoven’s “Unfinished Viola Sonata”. Therefore, Vadim Mazo initiated the creation of the sculpture, where Shostakovich comes to Beethoven for knowledge after centuries.

Now the sculpture has been delivered to the customer. Professor Mazo shared his impressions:

– “PORTRAIT OF TWO GENIUSES”. Here he is, in front of me, in my room. Beethoven and Shostakovich. The teacher and the student. According to my brainchild idea, Shostakovich approaches Beethoven through the centuries to comprehend the knowledge of chamber music, and then to write his Unfinished Sonata for violin, where the influence of Beethoven can be perceived…

The idea of creating a sculpture didn’t come up immediately. It all started last year when I visited Changzhou, China. While walking through the Old Town, I unexpectedly came across the RUSSIAN ART SALON. I was amazed to see in the shop window a “quartet” of sculptures representing Dmitry Shostakovich in 4 colors! The sculptor of this salon appeared to be Wang Siyang, a talented Chinese artist and a big lover of Russian Art. He himself as well as I address him simply as Ivan.

At that time, I was already thinking of 250th anniversary in honour of Beethoven and concerts in Belarus. It dawned on me that I could order an artwork representing Shostakovich approaching his teacher through the centuries. I met with Ivan, and he supported me. So, we got down to its creation. Although I wasn’t sculpting with my hands, I was spiritually engaged into the process. He suggested the ways to add a piano, what the composers’ eyes should fasten on and so on.

I left China in June. In Belarus, together with Yuriy Gildiuk, we started preparing for the concert, where we played pieces by Beethoven and Shostakovich as a duet. I suggested giving it a name: “The Portrait of Two Geniuses”, Yuriy Nikolaevich agreed. Eventually, the photo of the sculpture with the same name appeared on the concert poster… So, it’s possible to say it was its “VISUAL PREMIERE” !!

When I returned to China, they delivered me a completed sculpture made in white. By the way, for this sculpture its creator, Ivan, was honoured the 1st prize at the competition in JIANSU Province!!

Now these TWO GENIUSES are in my studio (room) inspiring me and my students.

We continue building a bridge between the legacies of Beethoven (whose 250th anniversary we celebrated) and Shostakovich (this year we are celebrating his 115th anniversary). It is a bridge between cultures and traditions. We must preserve this bridge of cultures for FUTURE.

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