Vadim Mazo and Ekaterina Zhurova will perform a duet online (VIDEO)

Everything is set for the online concert the Chinese New Year’s Day.

This project demanded a lot of emotional and physical powers from Vadim Mazo and the Belarusian pianist, Ekaterina Zhurova. They could clearly feel the responsibility, because this performance will be presented GLOBALLY, to a large number of people, more than a concert hall can house. Music is limitless, it expresses the language of the human soul and can be comprehended by many without being translated.

Excerpt from the performance

Vadim Mazo shared his impressions:

– I am very glad that Ekaterina Zhurova was on the SAME PLANE from Minsk to China that launched our cooperation on the Internet. She dedicated a lot of time and professionalism to combine our recordings. It seems that it has worked out!

There were difficulties in preparation. I did the arrangement of Shostakovich’s waltz for viola. I added pizzicato and sordino in the search for major-minor moods. I thought that brilliant music, its simplicity, CAN BE MULTI-FACETED and find a way to every heart in different ways. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.

The artistic director of the Belarusian State Philharmonic, my colleague and spiritual guide Yuri Gildyuk, listened to the joint recording and said that this waltz by Shostakovich influenced such composers as Sviridov, Doga, Gavrilin.

He wrote the following: “Well done! How is it possible to model this piece down to almost a concert version? The first Chinese play, which is great! Both in balance and in sound. The Chinese dance has an inclination in favor of the piano. The waltz sounds beautifully on the viola, very soft and even thrilling, in my opinion, and the major is not very optimistic there. But given that D. D. is still a pianist and confirms this with the texture, this option is also convincing. And pizzicato is audible, and the sordino, and well-balanced. Well done!»

I am very grateful for his words. He even appreciated the style of my concert shirt! )) By the way, it is not Belarusian, but Ukrainian, which once again emphasizes the interaction of cultures in everything I do. My mother is from Ukraine, my father is from Bialystok, I am from Belarus, I spent many years in the United States, now I am in China, I have friends in different countries. The world is open, and the interaction of cultures is now of great relevance!

I want to thank everyone for their support in this difficult but necessary search. The project helped me to understand that I do not exist, but live. Now I shift the balance to teaching, which I will tell you about a little later.

Only the date of the concert and the link are left to be specified.


V. M.

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