Vadim Mazo will continue his creative and educational activities in China

in chinese here VADIM MAZO 的创新教育之旅(中国站),安排!

In early December, Vadim Mazo went to China, where he is expected to conduct master classes in several provinces. But the projects that were laid in Belarus will continue, and new ideas and plans will be added to them.

Vadim Mazo shared his impressions:

– I spent almost six months in Belarus. All this time I served the arts, tried to build musical and spiritual bridges between Vitebsk and Minsk, Polotsk and Molodechno, and other places I visited. These bridges confirm that people need music, and the belief in the spiritual power of music is alive.

I’m going to China on a mission to build spiritual bridges. But now it is between countries and cultures, between the Eastern and Western world, whose traditions should be mutually enriched. Perhaps this will result in a creative Association as a cultural center based on Russian music. I hope this trip (for three months?) it will make it possible to strengthen the Foundation. And the exchange of traditions, cultures, people, and their creativity will take place!

As one of the attempts to be above the pandemic, I will try to build a bridge online, and there will definitely be two-way traffic on it. The spiritual powers I received in my Homeland will help me in this. I hope that later I will have an opportunity to show Belarus to my Chinese colleagues, who will be able to breathe the Belarusian artistic air. Chagall, Malevich, the same Shostakovich, whose roots are from Belarus, masterpieces of art in museums and the art of nature itself … the Depth of blue lakes… Air of pine and birch forests….

I am grateful to my friends in Belarus that you not only heard me, but also heard me. I’ll continue my crescendo! I believe in art as the elixir of global health.

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