Vadim Mazo’s master classes: “I am open and always ready to share my knowledge!»

in chinese here VADIM MAZO 的大师课:“积极开放,共享知识!。”

During his creative life, Vadim Mazo conducted a large number of master classes in different countries, in four conservatories in China, in the Paris Conservatory, in conservatories and universities in the United States. And this activity with pleasure continues to be engaged. Among the recent ones-master classes in his native Belarus for young musicians in Vitebsk, Minsk, Molodechno.

Music Professor Vadim believes that this is an opportunity not just to share knowledge,but to learn!

– Of course, over the years I have accumulated a lot of skills and experience, which I always carry with me as a violin and viola. But I realized that one person just can’t cover everything that is in the vast art of music and my profession.

According to Vadim Mazo, at the master class, a student should be ready to make the most of the knowledge of their main teacher, so that they can continue to make an add-on. There is a positive and sometimes fun exchange between the student, the teacher who teaches the student, and the Professor. This is 100% confidence. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lecture, an individual master class, or an open lesson. It is important that there is a continuation, so that all participants leave the master class with thoughts, can analyze and be inspired to new heights.

Vadim Mazo says:

– I remember a master class in China in Chengdu, which lasted more than 3 hours! After that, one cellist teacher said: “You changed my idea of pedagogy.” That’s a big compliment for me.

At the master classes, I try to create an atmosphere in which everyone is happy, I add humor. Who was at my master classes, knows what “Love your little finger!” or the question ” Mom paid for the whole bow?» ))) Or this topic of my two-day master class-seminar for teachers in St. Petersburg “how to get joy in the classroom”! Is it possible to be only serious?))

I’m open. And I am always ready to share it with others: colleagues, students, parents. And I am happy that I have this opportunity – both online and in live communication.

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