Chagall, Malevich, UNOVIS. Vadim Mazo took part in a creative Creaton in Vitebsk

in chinese here CHAGALL, MALEVICH, UNOVIS,VADIM MAZO在维捷布斯克(Vitebsk)参加创意活动 “Creaton”

Creaton was organized by the social and educational institution UNOVIS-FORUM within the framework of the Belarusian-Dutch project “through art and Belarusian-Dutch cooperation – to learning cities”. The event was held on October 10-11 In the Museum of the Vitebsk national art school, which was founded by Marc Chagall. It was here that Kazimir Malevich and his followers created the creative Association UNOVIS, which turned the world of art upside down.

During the two days of the Creaton, teams of young people presented their ideas for creating urban space and developing the urban environment of Vitebsk, based on the historical and cultural heritage of the avant-garde era.

Vadim Mazo, Professor Emeritus at Illinois Westlean University, presented the theme ” MISIS avangard: D. Shostakovich and YOU…”, introduced young people to the viola and performed several musical sketches.

Vadim Mazo has shared his impressions of kreton:

– Creaton… CreaТОN … TONE. The ideas of the creative Association UNOVIS, which was created in Vitebsk by Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitsky, still inspire today. But I wanted to combine it all with music. After all, this city gave the world not only famous artists, but also musicians-Sollertinsky, Fradkin, Bogatyrev. Vitebsk has its own sound, and I want it to be heard. At Creaton, we talked about Shostakovich, listened to the sounds of the viola, and immersed ourselves in the music of the avant-garde. The connection between visual art and sound was born, and for me this was the main task.

One idea was particularly close to me – moving supremacist figures. This is a project of students of Vitebsk state University. I wanted to connect it with the movement of water in the river, the desire, the endless flow of life… and music. After Creaton, we continue to meet with the authors of the project. And I hope this story will continue.

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